Global Launching Party

In 2022 Exterion Media rebranded to Global Media & Entertainment. We invited our clients and our trusted partners to join us at AMAZA in Amsterdam to celebrate this moment.

This event marked the final chapter of the whole rebranding we did. Together with my college Annemarie I was in charge of the production. We organised a C-level dinner with speakers. At the end of this dinner we opened the doors to the other guests and together we witnessed the countdown moment from Exterion Media to Global Media & Entertainment witch kicked off the party with Kriss Kross Amsterdam. As Creative Lead I also was in the lead for the countdown and show (visuals/lights/sound).

Responsible for:
Concept (Event/ Aftermovie)
Script (Event)
Animations (Event / Countdown)
Artwork (Event / Countdown
Production (Event)
David Janssen
Hilversum, the Netherlands 1100 0 0